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April 8, 2011

say hi to Ari

(Ari is a full metallic spring powered Taurus PT92)

Ari is also a finnish man's name, but i have not heard it in so long i've forgotten the "finnish" in it. so in this case it's not meant as a finnish man's name but maybe some asian or kind. the name came into my mind some three days ago and felt like suitable from the first moment. not like the name Seed that has gone through a kind of evolution.

i'm leaving in less than an hour to see my friend, also tickets for the Saturdays party have been bought and i have new clothes and a jacket. suitable for ANY outdoor activity.

that means this was it for today and the next few days. i'll be back on Monday. ..well at first i really doubted i made the right decision with Ari (it was price reduced and that was the main reason for buy O-o), but til now i've overcome it. i've actually found a good use for it. that helps too.

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