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April 27, 2011

games & random

27.4. all the time i'm confused which day is today. damn Easter. found something so awful it's really cool:


just my internet is on it's limits with download. speed has gone to minimum that is really slow, right now i have 7 videos loading and good speed is reached with maximum 3. O_o

looks like the sun has just set. it's 9PM. SUMMER!! my skin went off from my right knuckles when hitting the wall yesterday. it's strange. i don't feel that. no pain. nothing. i guess i wasn't hitting hard enough and the wall is not what i prefer. it's too smooth. (don't try this at home! it's a way i calm down when i'm stressed or aggressive. this time none of them. just for fun.) so i'm not satisfied with the result. it kinda burns when hot water touches those places where skin got off, but that doesn't disturb me at all. i've had that in different places of my body, especially my hands, too often. i'm aware that it's damaging my hands, there's already some changes, but i don't give a shit. it's not like i wouldn't care for my body, but scars and damage and such are a part of me. i wouldn't call that selfdestructive like most people do when i tell them. after all, it's better to hit a wall than a person, right?

right now i'm just happy to see some Fallout 3 videos again. had a long break with all other stuff. have to wake up early again tomorrow but i just don't care. missed something today because couldn't wake up in time, but i go there again next week. and the week after next week. my scedule is full for the half of May at least, until the week 20 and there's something too. and i'm again totally broke. :P 20 euros cash and that should be enough for about three weeks.

haven't been watching TV in a while. there'd sure be something interesting, but i'm glued to my computer. all the time i'm adding vids to "watch later" in Youtube, watching them and adding new, watching all kinds of music, a lot of games and guns. i was somewhat stressed last week for some reason, haven't slept good or enough in a while. there's something wrong with my body and i don't know what it is. if i don't take enough meds i don't sleep well and if i take it's hard to wake up. but tomorrow i get my hair cut finally. it's too long already for weeks.

have had a few ideas for forthcoming videos. i'll buy a webcam sometime when i get money again. i hate to be broke every month. and this time it's just because i had so many must-buys lately. today new jeans, 45 euros. can't believe that. such amount of supermarket jeans! the rest i bought were two packages of soya yoghurt, two energy drinks, cheese, three different noodle soups, an airsoft magazine. that was expensive too. actually i didn't have the money for it, but when the new one is in the shelf i just have to have it.. it's british so most of the stuff is british and they have different laws (Finland is quite.. umm.. relaxed when it comes to age limits. basically there are none. i think there should be. to keep the children and responsible adults who like it more serious apart. in my heart i'm not for more restrictions, but there should be age limits after how powerful different guns are. for example in Japan they have an own class for kids 10+.), but it's interesting to read and a good way to learn english and new words. :) only i have to keep myself from reading all at once, like with the games-magazine too that a friend (thank you again!) pays for me. i can live long with only porridge, dry bread and bad tasting selfmade chili from deepfreezer, but i have to have something for my soul. :)

now i have only 4 vids, two are done with loading, one is halfway, one i just started. 10 minutes each, from my favorite walkthrough maker SSoHPKC. :) he was the first i found making enough and good Fallout 3 walkthroughs with good and funny commentary. the whole last summer i was watching them. :) i'm so happy i got internet at home, finally. i'm only worried if i can pay the bills if i have this kind of money situation every damn month. (so watch yourself: don't get caught without a ticket in train again!!)

back to my ideas, there has to be a "walkthrough" in my new home, and updates to it each time i buy a new piece of furniture or change something. my home is a mirror of my soul. i also want to make a proper one introducing my friends Seed and Ari, and one about my favorite things like models, books and such. walking in a forest with my camera is also a good idea.

but now i think i quit writing. actually i should be sleeping right now. :P til l8tr.

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