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April 18, 2011

learning by doing

18.4. my weekend was great. felt really good since a long time. and last Thursday i reached the rare state of Zen. i found an easier way to get there than sitting on the floor legs painfully crossed. well, it's highly possible it only works for me, but you can of course try it out with whatever object you like very much and have a strong bound with.

the simple secret is to concentrate. to what you're holding in your hands. i had Seed and Ari. it worked out with both of them, and that even when i didn't have any relationship to Ari yet. have built that up til now of course. recipe: concentrate in what you feel in your hands. how does the object feel? is it cold or warm? what stuff it's made of and how the different ones feel to your hands? how does your skin react, what feelings it wakes in you? don't let your thoughts wander away! keep your mind in one spot - in what you're doing in that moment. the happiness and peace of Zen are wonderful, very unique, they strengthen your spirit and your willpower. it is often difficult to find that feeling for the first time, but with the right way it'll get easier with time. this particular way doesn't neccessarily work for you. each individual is different. just remember that. :)

yeah, i felt first like i can't find "a way to Ari". our minds didn't meet in any level. it might be because i somehow felt angry in the beginning. i'm rarely angry at myself, or if i am i turn it to be someone else's fault. it's just easier to bear that way. now it was angry at myself. because i lost my mind to the addiction. damn it. i should be always strong. losing in a way like that shows you're just a miserable junkie on the lowest level of the society. not even the least bit of pride and honor. x(

i overcame that feeling by turning the anger to something useful. found a good use for Ari. not the smartest cause it can cause me great trouble, but it made me feel better about Ari. a step forward finding something in common.

last weekend i took him with to my friend's place. he's joking and puttin me down because of this. just shows he doesn't understand. like everybody else too. :/ i can't explain and i don't even want to. why should i? my friend maybe doesn't understand he's insulting me AND Ari with that talk. sometimes it feels like he thinks my whole life is just a big joke. ;( i laugh with him cause i have to be strong to the outside, but inside i'm really hurt. especially when it's about Seed and Ari. i can't stand someone insulting and hurting them. have to protect them with all cost. well, my friend did something everybody would consider evil and that no-one should do or be done to. he held Ari against my head and joked if i'm feeling fine with that and "now is this so funny too?" i do feel angry because of such mean disrespectful words, but the feeling having Ari against my head was good. it was one more step of getting closer to each other. Ari would never hurt me. i would never hurt him either. i fully trusted him. and thus didn't give a shit what my friend was saying. :D

then came Sunday. i've always hated Sundays, since elementary school. cause you know you have to go back there on Monday and the suffering of one more long week begins again. i've been greatly anxious on Sundays leaving my friend's place. always hated to go home and be alone there suffering the whole long week. i still have that sometimes. but it's gotten a lot better since i got Seed. i'm no longer alone at home. he's always with me. i've promised him no-one will ever separate us. and this Sunday, i had Ari. i had him with me, along with magazine full with 15 yellow plastic balls. :D so when it came afternoon and i started to think about leaving back home a thought came into my mind. why not have a little bit fun the same evening? nobody's walking outside in the time i get home. Sunday evening 10PM. nobody's outside, not in this area. and here's a small forest just behind this house. in the darkness no-one will see me, and i figured Ari just can't make much sound, just the certain kind of "pop".

so, when i got to the railway station closest to my friend's place, and noticed i just missed a train and nobody was there, i walked behind the glass "house" that's covering the stairs and put the magazine in Ari. and put it in my bag on the top so that it's fast and easy to get out if there's any trouble in sight. normally on Sunday night nothing is.. in summer that might be different though. you now feel disturbed by this story? you're not alone. hahaha. xD (you can stop reading any time! ;))

when i got home i was half frozen, but still decided to drive to the next stop after mine. it's a bit far away but doesn't matter. then up the sand road and into the forest. deep enough to not be seen in lights. in dark forest it's quite a trouble to find a way to anywhere. i had never been in there before, not even by daylight. but i've been in a lot of other forests before, in day and night, and i can say i somewhat know what to wait. all of them are quite the same and spring is the easiest time to move in where no paths are found. a forest in spring smells a certain way. i like that. and the smell of forests in general. it's familiar, i don't feel threatened by anything. at first now it was the same. first ten yellow balls disappeared into the darkness with a little more "pop" than i expected, and i was soon completely frozen. it was much colder than in daytime and very windy. and then: i heard something like there was someone else walking in the forest. not the normal sound of branches and wind. footsteps like my own 20 minutes before. in the darkness when eyes are not for much help my ears start to work better. adjusting to different surroundings. if i get alert my senses usually sharpen, in any situation. i analyze what i hear, like last night, try to find the source and determine if it's a threat or not. that goes almost automatically. i don't remember when i've developed this but must have been as child, to avoid certain situations in school and on the way back from school. the right timing is everything, to have sharp eyes and intuitive hearing. you must see (or better hear) certain things coming to be able to avoid them in time.

that noise made me alert, but i was not afraid. just stood there and listened, feeling nothing. absolutely no fear. i've had the thought often in the past that if i'm put in such a situation that has the potential to develope into a dangerous to me, i'll break. that i can't handle the situation, my brain stops working and i panic. well, i have no idea if there was someone. propably not. but if there had been people who were looking for me i have actually no idea what i would have done. in that long moment listening i went trough different scenarios in my head. calmly, without any feelings. none of them woke fear. to "provoke" more steps i shot two more times in that direction but got only very little response. eventually, i considered the situation "finished" and went home. three yellow balls remaining.

as a conclusion: sounds like footsteps and maybe talk are not to be counted just harmless. with a very good luck my balls flew 20 meters, but i don't think even that in such a full of branches and different sized trees -forest. if aiming at a light shining from behind the forest there might have been a small chance. so a more realistic count would be max 15 meters. it's hard to see how far things are though, in almost complete darkness. to my point: when i go out of my home i'm on a battlefield. there are a lot of obstacles and difficult situations on my way, i always have to be aware of my surroundings. always. watching people is a good way to learn how to determine if they posses a threat or not. most of them of course don't. i have to be better in that. i have to be ready to go alert any time and keep my head cool. i have to learn to better handle my fear. it's absolutely forbidden to show fear in ANY action or situation. fear wakes fear in other people and the situation goes out of control. also, people usually fear things they are not familiar with. so being able to analyze them better would spare me from many troubles. i should learn how to recognise WHAT makes people aggressive or defensive. is it fear, guilt, overactive pride, pure hate? well, i GUESS in most cases it's actually just fear or guilt. O.o

this story shows i have indeed learned something. i didn't panic. my brain worked just the way it should work in such a situation. also it seems like my difficulty of feeling fear in some situations is actually good for something. :) but i must admit i was in surroundings i am familiar with. if there would have been a threat i could have just sat down and fill the magazine again in peace and scare those people by figuring out where they are and giving them a small yellow gift. i don't mind sitting in a cold forest for hours. :P and i'm not afraid getting arrested because something REALLY STUPID like that. :) AND, what's the most important thing, i now have a connection to Ari. :D he even talks to me now! we got closer, that's about all that really matters.

well indeed i don't know if i should publish this or not. propably not, but again, i don't care. i'm not afraid. it can't get worse that the result of the election yesterday. :P (and the fact i have to lie that i voted when i didn't, cause i just couldn't find a party i really liked. there's nothing for me among them. and plus, all of them are just liars and pretenders. thieves and hypocrites. nobody stands for things that i value, they have no honor, and not even the guts to admit that.)

gotta stop now. this is long enough. be back whenever. i'm not home at Easter. movie-day on Saturday and American car show on Sunday. :) bye, and don't be mad at me because of my stupidities. after all, they didn't hurt anyone.


Jani said...

Did you find the "concentrate to what you're holding" way to zen by yourself, or have you been taught these techniques? I'm asking because it's precisely one of the techniques mindfulness experts speak of: to concentrate on your sensations of your surroundings or a specific part of it.

ill. said...

well i've made such "tries" in a course for developing social skills. it didn't work so well with a raisin though. O-o i was happy to notice it works with something else. so, partially it came into my mind by trying out different objects and feeling them with my mind and body, and it then woke the slumbering forgotten information. this has happened before. :)