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April 11, 2011

say hi to Ari part 2

11.4. continued. with a different theme. i'm a little bit sorry for those rasistic rants. i don't really have anything against any group, as long they are peaceful. we don't need terrorists, not from left, not from right, not from religious fanatics. i stand for sexual equality and the human rights, also in the case of couples of the same sex. i'm not peaceful at heart, but i can mostly keep that under control. zen, zen, where did you disappear again? (meds work, i relax and am no more angry.)

the last post from last week i introduced Ari. but i think it was not really, cause i had no pictures. so i hope to make that good now. they are shaky because my hands are shaking a lot at the moment, so i make them smaller so it doesn't look that bad. i also took a video, and it all is coming to you now. :) NOTE: photos get bigger when clicking on them!

so, here's Ari. in this first pic there's still that sticker on it, but because i couldn't get it off without any liquid alcohol or stuff (that i do not own :P) i later just painted black over it.

the next is taken on my laptop. it's a good place. good background. this is the least shaken cause taken using both hands.

with my new mouse, on my exclusive Ikea-mousepad that also functions as memory table.

from the right side. most shaken cause my right hand shakes more than the left. O-o all these pictures were taken with my old Sony mobile phone, not edited, just made smaller. it's also visible that there's no magazine inside Ari. i just got it last Friday and have not really had time to get to know it very well. and i prefer to keep everything nice and safe in case my house is being searched for some reason. O-o

the last but not the least (i hope), the very shaky video. it's hard when both hands are shaking. it's really hard. i hope it really get's better soon. i feel bad that i have to admit that it IS the caffeine that causes it in most cases. sometimes low bloodsugar does it too, but i just ate something. :P (a few pieces of turkey salami and 1/4 portion of puree soup made of potatoe and that one long onion-like vegetable that i don't know the name in english (leech? leek?). and a little bit of the liquorice bought yesterday on a spring market.)

that's it for today. have fun everyone! comments welcome if you have any.

p.s. the song in the video is Chris Brown ft. Lil' Wayne & Swizz beats: I can transform ya. you can find it in Youtube for example. has a very nice video too.

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