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May 21, 2011

urban war

19.5. have i mentioned this before? it's kinda creepy, but for me the outside world is like a battlefield. and the first rule is to always be aware of your surroundings. know the exits, see the dangers in time, plan your route and be able to change it within seconds. you are in charge of everything and your actions determine the next move. other people are mostly civilians or just "objects" of no interest. it might be useful to watch them sometimes just to make sure you know how they act and react to certain events. it's the same than scanning the surroundings with your eyes. keeping your ears sharp, sense the air movements, smell and know where the smell comes from. don't let anything distract you if you are on watchmode. but you also have to be able to move while being in watchmode. move regularly, without catching attention, stay very calm. even if you're not calm inside you have to remember to keep calm to outside. to show nervousity and fear - a no-go. don't let yourself be driven into a corner. that causes problems. i for example have two ways to react when being cornered: attack, or break down. inside a building with an uncomportable encounter with certain people i tend to break down, but outside, on the battlefield i might attack very easily and in an unpredictable way.

when i'm outside i am constantly putting people in categories. harmless, potential danger, dangerous, unpredictable. i'm cautious. i train my eyes with listening to music pretty loud so all background noise is covered, and i can only trust what i see (or what i can smell in some cases). in low light scenes i rely more on my ears and try to find out where different sounds come from. in a dark forest it's of course more challenging than at home with street lamp shining into living room. O-o also i use my hands and fingers to touch and feel different things to be able to do things in complete darkness. i also use to walk around with my eyes closed, find things, even pour water in a glass without seeing and walk back to other room without spilling the water. i used to do this often in my old home. i knew that place very good. i could go to the basement and get what i wanted and come back up without opening my eyes. right now i still have stuff laying on the floor, so no chance i'm doing that until it's all cleaned up.

well, and if i feel not confident i don't put my sunglasses on. most people do it opposite way. yesterday my selfconfidence was like washed away. none left, and couldn't hide that. put the glasses on after collecting myself. and i even had luck in two things: a really good looking guy, but younger than me, looked at me like someone who's interested. i've not had something like that like since forever. and a bit later i found a perfect, clean, dry, not damaged 5cm long screw with cross end. now that's a luck!

internet has not been working today. i try again now. continue on this later.

21.5. well the net was down whole Thursday. it's still not totally ok cause it still throws me out of sites like Youtube and Facebook. i always have that "keep me signed in" box marked but yet this keeps happening. usually it's maximum 2 hours i can stay logged in. these times it has been max 10 minutes. annoying when writing emails. also my internet connection is breaking down after 3-5 hours but that i'm used to. now it just takes a few more tries to get it back on, occasionally plugging it out and in again.

this going to be short post, i want to get back to one of my favorite things right now: watching Fallout 3 bad karma walkthrough. :D :D :D (already did that about three hours today..)

changed a bit the outlook on my laptop. window color to red, clock color to turquoise, my admin name. did a backup. now i have to do something against my headache.. but it's not because staring at the screen. i do this a lot. i have felt dizzy at times already the whole week, feels like floor is not stable or room is turning around. plus headache always when that comes, and sometimes feeling ill. like now. feel totally sick. :P guess i need sleep. only 8 hours last night (after going to bed around 3AM when sky had started to lighten again) and not having done stretching in a long time. and i haven't slept really well lately. if i take the normal amount meds i don't sleep through and if i take extras i sleep like a stone and am not able to wake up, like don't find the phone when the alarm goes on, not hearing the alarm at all, not being able to move, sleeping in uncomfortable positions and not being able to change that during the night. like, i'm easily sleeping half on Seed cause i leave it where i had it before falling asleep, and not being able to move it away during night. maybe it's stress or something, but i'm not ok. :/ hate it when head is crippled.. well it could also be a weather change. the warm wind from south and especially that which comes over mountains (not possible here, but often the case in my old home) put me down for 1-3 days. it feels just like this. something between stomach flu and migraine.

yesterday was a bit tiring too, although everything went fine. but all the talk, and i got a bit stressed. i'm still not completely recovered from the long depression. it's like those first weeks after mood slowly getting back to the middle, i got tired really easy in social situations.

yeah i stop now and go to bed a bit earlier tonight. so, maybe in two hours. have been breeding some plans for the future, things i could make by myself and also t-shirt designs etc.

p.s. looks like i kinda found out what causes me to feel ill: the infamous hormones. :P it's a three days hell and then it's over. hope it's shorter this time cause i've already had the signs the whole week. :P did yoga and it helped for the pains in shoulders and neck. i'm more relaxed, physically. for mental relaxation i needed some help..

p.p.s. and for the statistics: NO, alaskan bull worms ARE NOT real. xD (at least as far as i know O_o)

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