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May 23, 2011

Fallout 3 & New Vegas fanfic

23.5. guess i wrote some crazy shit last time.. O_o i'm not like that always, so that you know it. it just sometimes hits me. that way of thinking. might sound pretty unrealistic, feet off the ground or something, but it's actually useful. i'm not getting ready for a war.. well, at least i'm not admitting it, you get that over my dead body. :D but just in case.. evil thinking is in my nature. and to be a collector-hunter like people were some 10000 years ago.. ..forgot what i was saying. was not important then.

as i've been watching a lot (and i mean A LOT) of Fallout New Vegas EVIL KARMA videos lately i've finally started to write the fanfic of Fallout that i want to write already long. it's being told by two bad guys, most likely to be my future alter egos in that game, and they do confront my good karma alter ego once or twice. their names are Billy and Cole.

Cole's the older one (i'll skip some game thingys in the story, like with Cole i'll most likely blow up Megaton, as well as with Billy, but in the story Cole just leaves it alone, although he resides in Tenpenny tower as "a rather unpleasant guest" when Mr. Burke is only a youngster just like Cole at that time too. also the story timeline places Cole about 15 years before than Billy (and the normal game era), and Billy doesn't come from vault 101 but from somewhere north from Capital Wasteland, and he leaves his homevault when 16yo and wanders around there and up to northern parts of USA three years and enters Capital Wasteland as 19yo to get back to the game timeline) and more coldhearted than hotblooded. he's the type of a person who shoots first and asks then, but he's not always randomly attacking people. he takes all he can get out of as well Megaton as from the rest of Capital Wasteland. after getting a very bad reputation and a serious drug addiction he leaves to explore New Vegas area to maybe find his fortune there - or at least a place where nobody knows him and tries to shoot him at sight. he makes friends sometimes, only he doesn't like the NCR and the NCR doesn't like him. he tries to stay out of sight and only seeks them out in need. he's dragging trouble behind him that makes most people hostile towards him from the very first meeting. he appears to have quite a problem with some certain people, and he eventually finds them and kills them - what else? those people try to kill him first, what throws us to the original game storyline for a little while. but after getting badly wounded (not buried) he manages to drag himself to a NCR outpost (instead of that little village whatever it was called) which is not particular unfriendly towards him. they heal him and repair his stuff, and he takes a job as a gatekeeper of their HQ tower. he's still there when Billy crosses over and decides to leave while Billy's taking "care" of the rest of the NCR, what was left from him when he entered the outpost.

Billy's the chaotic evil. in person. Cole is planning, Billy just goes into the trouble and fights his way out. he's in a little bit better physical condition as being younger, and he has not taken as much radiation as Cole in his life. he uses chems and alcohol, chems preferred when Cole prefers alcohol, and is addicted as well with no intention of getting healed. he steals everything he can get from everyone. already in his vault he's looting every place to get the most out of it. he's a bad boy already as kid. his family history differs a lot from the game. not going to explain it here. the first thing he finds in Capital Wasteland is Megaton, from which point we follow again the game about all the rest time, except helping Brotherhood of Steel, cause helping others just isn't in his nature. he doesn't need followers. Cole can hire as well Jericho as Clover, from which the latter one is (in the story) just a little girl (was it a girl or boy? i guess girl). he also gets Charon after doing a lot to gain neutral karma (or if positive is needed then that, i'm not sure about this O_o). he eventually gets rid of them. Billy blows up Jericho with Megaton, kills Clover just because he doesn't really like women, but he is a little fanatic about ghouls and helps them in everything that's possible, even when it might sometimes mean gaining good karma. well, everyone hates the feral ghouls though.. and Billy hates humans even more than them. he likes to have fun. a lot. and frauding and murdering is fun. and stealing. he keeps his suite in Tenpenny and goes back there to change his armour and weapons after the quest he's going to follow. so in a way he makes sure he's not getting killed too easy. after getting all thats possible out of Capital Wasteland he heads to Mojave desert as he has heard of all the places he can kill people in and steal stuff. he's also intrigued by the thought of robbing a casino. before he meets Cole he has been in a NCR place, he stole something from them which made the NCR trying to kill him, and to this certain outpost he came to take revenge after getting healed in this village that in the game the character is brought by Victor. after he took all he could get he of course helped the Powder gang to kill the villagers.

Cole takes this pretty well, he's not missing those people even when he has been there and had a nice chat with the old doc. after Billy's gone killing the NCR guys in the tower (Cole gives him the keys and promises to bring the gear he can't carry with him to an old gas station, he also does this) Cole goes after an old NCR scientist called Jameson. this guy has a key to a safe somewhere, and in there's something Cole wants to have. he threatens to kill Jamesons daughter and granddaughter and the old man gives him the key. later when Cole is gone and Billy comes to get rid of the rest of the rangers he lets Jameson live, just telling him to get lost.

that's about it til now. there'll be a lot of places not mentioned in the game, like a place around where Montana used to be that's called The Northern Territory (like that in Canada) which settlers are like a private army which has kept some of the communist points of view. they have good condition weapons, also others than chinese, tons of ammo and fresh food without rads. Billy goes there on one of his tours when he's 17, but those people don't even let him close. he eventually tries to cheat and steal them and they hunt him 100 miles back to south until he manages to hide and they give up.

and so on. i've had this kind of idea for long, like said, but those New Vegas videos finally brought these two guys in my mind. because the story starts when they both have already spent time in Mojave desert, Cole some years and Billy maybe few months, they are telling their stories as memories, as past times, and when finally getting to the beginning - what then, i don't know. O.o this is just the beginning, remember. it's going to grow when given time, and with a lot of breeding. new ideas will come all the time. right now i don't have a PC, i'm waiting to get one to be able to play Fallout 3 finally, i've waited so long..... and i don't have the intention at the moment to buy New Vegas or play it. this might change though. we will see.

think this is a good idea. :) i have something great to begin with and can go as much over the borders as i want. there's a whole new world to explore. isn't this intriguing? want to come with to discover it? :)

if not, goodbye. if yes, stay tuned. can't give a date when it's done (i usually take a lot of time to get anything done, but the most important make progress very fast), nor any information which way it's published. advice, anyone? if i can't cheat anyone to "publish" it, even on a website for fanfic or sort, i'll create a new website for me and put it there, or post it chapter by chapter in a blog. i'm writing it in english that's not my primary language so it will have some failures.

well, now i go check if my internet works a bit better. don't believe it will, but just post this and check mail and sort. bye!

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