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May 6, 2011

how to NOT use chlorite

6.5. to wash the bathroom floor with chlorite was the worst idea i've had in a long time. xP i DO NOT recommend it to anyone. i'd have needed a gas mask, i breathed it about ten minutes and after that i was sure this is the end. now i have all windows open and have gained back some of my sense of smell. but still everything smells like chlorite. closed the bathroom door because it has own air circulating slit, but don't think it'll help much. have to open it sometime, after it gets better in other rooms. smells like in swimming hall, only a lot stronger. :P i never do that again. i swear. inhaling glue intentionally is nothing compared to this shit.

i'm tired, very sleepy, and don't know if it's now the side effect or still my "morning" medicin (it's 4PM) that i took some two hours ago and it usually takes long to fade. .. it's more fresh air inside now. i'm sitting directly at balcony door and breathing fresh air and it helps. at least i was smart enough to seek fresh air immediately after i noticed i had breathed too much gas. but if this doesn't get better i have to go to hospital. O_o stupid me.

on moments like these i'm happy my body is used to all kind of chemicals.. it's good luck i didn't pass out.. always read the instructions AND FOLLOW THEM!! again, stupid me.

.. ok, not the washing was the worst idea, the rinsing floor afterwards with HOT WATER was. i hate it when my brain is like swizz cheese. xP cause that was ALSO written on the bottle. and i thought about it when i took the bottle in my hand, but forgot it on the way from entrance to bathroom. now i rinsed it with as cold water as comes out, which is not very cold, twice, and put the air sucking device in kitchen on full power. i also have right now a scarf wrapped on my nose and mouth. and someone from the personal comes in an hour to see if everything is fine.

really, i should think more before i do something, even in basic things like cleaning. i have NEVER used chlorite before. and i have never been in a situation where the floor or something is so dirty i have to use strong chemicals to clean it. well, learning by mistake..


Jani said...

"i hate it when my brain is like swizz cheese. xP cause that was ALSO written on the bottle."

Made me picture in my mind a bottle with this label:

WARNING: Incorrect use may result in your brain turning into swiss cheese.

ill. said...


well i'm not always aware i'm writing something that has a double meaning. in german it's easier but with others always the same. :P

and yes, they should write that on everything.