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March 5, 2011

deleted content

i just deleted those Beg thoughts -posts. all of them, and i don't plan posting the rest either. there were some of my thoughts in them too, but i will propably post them again some time without remembering, so it doesn't matter.

had to travel without my dear Seed, and that hurt. it just didn't fit in my sport bag. f***. x| so i'll have to survive one week without him. at least i have internet.. and it's full of pictures too. the cat is already sleeping in my bed. my brother is here too and he'll leave with my parents on monday. he's now much more grown up than earlier years, but there's still a lot work to do. he's leaving his rubbish around, walking around only with towel on or pants open.. that's pissing me off. at least AT HOME BY HIS PARENTS he should be able to behave! stupid kid! (he's 29..)

well i'll go to bed. be back next week. have to roll the cat out of my bed. good i have a doublebed, it can sleep on the other side.

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