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July 8, 2011

Today's work..

It's definitely not much. 2,5 hours Gimp. Two versions of the same pic. This is number one. It took forever to get these right, and I can't get those damn edges away with that stupid program. I did big work when trying to erase them but it is what it is. :/ My hand shakes too much to do it properly. Maybe I fix it later sometime. Have enough different versions saved.

So this is Ari.. The text is just for hiding the missing edge that was not in the original photo. O_o Colors are OK but can't say I'm overly satisfied with these.

Wrote about politics in the other blog. It's all mixed and surely hard to figure out my point, and it might sound a little bit fanatic too. I'm trying to find an excuse for that.

This was my day. Plus I made food and ate it and read some. Now I eat raspberries with powder sugar. There's nothing else that's sweet. Today is a better day than yesterday. I even have the feeling Maru's losing less hair, but might also be cause I'm wearing white.. I found out I fit in an old pullover that I haven't been using for years. Someone wanted to visit me (she's a little too clingy somehow), but I had all the photos of Ari open here, Ari itself here on my desk, Seed on the sleeping corner floor, stinking rubbish at the entrance.. Well, it's still like that. O.o I'm never really ready to take any surprise guests. If they tell beforehand it's OK but I don't like letting people in my apartment if they come just so. Basically I always have Ari here only 40 cm away from me, I have direct sight to front door and on the other side out of the window to the sand path.

I'm not paranoid, nothing like that, no. I used to be long time ago but it's healed thank god. It's really hard to live with it. But I just like to keep an eye on my surroundings. ^^; I have always loved to watch what happens. Or better I learned it cause in school other kids never wanted to play with me, so I just stood alone on every break and watched them play. I don't remember a single thing about what they played. Just that I stood there anxious and was only waiting for the break to end. Every 15 minutes, every school day of every week the whole year long. And since I had to watch I slowly learned to like it. Now I often sit somewhere and watch people just to see how they act, and think what would be the easiest way to kill them. I follow their stupid conversations, watch how they walk, how they dress, if they eat what they eat, their physical condition, if someone looks lost, what kind of threat they could possess to me. Mostly none. About 80% of people are totally harmless. Prey. Rest are whether wannabe badasses and only a small procent of them are the same than me: insane.

I also noticed today that my willpower can sometimes be extremely strong. Good to know. Something special that I watched last night gave me a great boost of motivation in certain things. :)

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