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July 6, 2011


Well, now this blog is running by a new author. This was a necessary move to clean up my old Blogger account and separate blogs, move some to WordPress and kill two others.

Facebook clean up is still going on. If interested you can still find me there and in some cases I might even accept a friend request. But first I throw all my now existing friends out of there and close my wall from any others than friends. I might keep posting if I get friends there, but otherwise I'm just using it to follow sites I like to get news cause they don't advertise in any newspapers (well, and I don't read them anyway).

So now this blog is removed from my old Blogger account and there will exist no links between these. My Youtube account will be from now on the only link here, if other people don't link here from their sites. I'm ok with that, link how much you ever want, but DON'T MENTION MY OLD SCREEN NAME when you do that, thank you. Use this new one.

Just took some photos of my cat Maru when he is sitting on a box under my table. With flash. And no green eyes this time. ^^ Earlier today when he was in entrance room and I was here in living room I saw his eyes glow green. ^^

For now, you can read more about me in that "About me" page in sidebar (now updated). Just casual and stupid talk. Although, you should take that important notice seriously. Nobody cares about what you do at home, but in public there are rules that everyone should follow. Right now I am experiencing a deep fall and just don't care what happens. I take risks that could bring me in real trouble, and I know I might go crazy just anytime. Even when there are no visible psychotic signs. So, carrying a gun with me in public actually is provocating a dangerous situation.. But I don't care. Not for myself. I do everything for my cat, but what happens with me doesn't matter. I have cuts on my both wrists and on my neck and my right fist starts turning blue and green from hitting it against the wall. So what? Who cares if I don't?

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