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June 23, 2012

...and the raven's came as I called, and they were potent and radiating dark energy...

Let's start this from beginning. I'm putting here pics and links I find around the web. I'm not connecting this with Facebook as I will most likely post the same stuff. Let this be a sort of centre for dark art and other stuff that interests me...

I'm bored. I ate yesterday bad food and drank wine that all together made me feel awfully sick. I'm still sick. I threw up at night and my throat still hurts, and I got barely rest during the night. Now I have eaten some "low taste profile" food, new potatoes with butter and mackerel in tomato sauce. I'm tired and I stress about housework, and I fear of people coming in here without asking me first. I don't feel safe here, that's awful. It's not like an own home. Outside is cold and raining. I watered my plants. They have grown a lot this summer.

Be back sometime later. I'm not sure if I should delete the older posts.

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