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August 1, 2011


I wanted to put this blog behind a password but I can't do that - that option doesn't EXIST. So just leave it. Who cares. Nobody reads this anyway. :)

I've been moving around today a lot (online). I had this blog removed from Youtube and my second put in there, but removed it after the last post too. Instead there's now the link to my Flickr-account as my homepage. Guess that's OK. I wrote quite serious and truthful in Sitamar tonight. I had the need to let it out. Even when it might hurt me. People don't usually take it too nicely when you admit you just use them to get what you want. :P Whatever. I have thought about that for almost a year.

I wrote about that I want to kill people. Most of them out there find that scary too. But it's been long inside of me. Looooooooong. 20 years or so.

Should go to sleep. My cat sleeps too. But I just sit here and think. Think about bad things. One drop of blood, is that too much asked? Can't I have even just one small drop? But I know it doesn't help to see my own blood. I'd love to go out now. I'd love to LET GO.

Instead I just keep sitting here and a teardrop runs down my face.

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